"I would like to thank you and the staff at Andrews & Lawrence for the excellent services we have received from your office. The work you put into collecting our delinquent accounts has been wonderful. We are receiving payments and closing delinquent accounts much more quickly than ever before. The pay structure you have established is much better for our budget, as we are no longer paying monthly fees without results."

-Lisa L. Relchnach, President, The Vineyards at Piney Orchards HOA

"During the time that Mr. Andrews has been providing collection services to our association we have seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of outstanding homeowners fees dues...I highly recommend Mr. Andrews and his firm to any other association. Even our auditor has recognized the impact Mr. Andrews work has had on our financial position as our cash flow has improved greatly from our previous experiences. I am sure that any association can benefit from the use of Andrews and Associates and we particularly appreciated their collection process which eases the burden on the association of having to pay for all collection costs up front."

-Donna Sessoms, Former President, Kettering II Condominium.

"I would like to thank you and your staff for all of your hard work this past year. You have closed a number of accounts that were long term delinquencies and the Boards and I are very pleased. The aggressive collection of the accounts turned over to your office has resulted in accounts being paid off promptly and reduced the amount of delinquent assessments. The hard work of your office is truly appreciated."

-Lisa S. Ringler, Property Manager, Chambers Management Inc.

"I would like to thank your staff for the outstanding service they provide when we contact your office. They always take the time to research the case(s) involved, explaining what has happened, and what will happen next. I am able to fully understand and explain the accounts to the other board members. In today's rushed society it is so easy to complain of poor service and overlook excellent service. Please thank your staff for the outstanding job they perform."

-Cynethia Fisher, President, [REDACTED] HOA Board of Directors

"Your organization, reports, and staff demeanor exemplify professionalism. You are a pleasure to work with and your efforts have paid dividends to our Associations that struggle year after year with delinquency and other issues...Your entire staff should be commended for their extraordinary efforts and detailed follow up... Please know that our staff and client appreciate the working relationship that has been established with your firm, and hope to continue that relationship for years to come. We believe your firm would be an asset to any Association that is searching for professional and aggressive collections and follow up on issues that will improve the quality of life for the residents."

-The Employees of Maredith Management, LLC, AAMC

"As the Board stated in 2000, this was an association on the brink of financial disaster, and your efforts have been remarkable. The Board is most impressed with the aggressive steps you take in collecting and the level of detail you apply to each account in collection. Your staff is always friendly and attentive...and my calls are always taken immediately... Please note that I will be recommending your firm to all the associations I presently work with that have serious financial difficulties. Your accomplishments speak for themselves."

-Vincent T. Olivia, Association Manager, [REDACTED] Village Association